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Judge Says Derrick Rose Accuser Must Reavel Her Name

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A Los Angeles federal judge Tuesday ruled that the woman who is accusing New York Knicks star Derrick Rose of raping her, along with his friends, must use her real name if the case goes to trail.

Waukeen McCoy, the unknown woman’s lawyer, said the judge ruled that because, “he wants everybody to have a fair trail, and he didn’t want any inferences drawn [by the jury] from her name not being used.”

As The Juicy Online reported on Monday, the woman filed a lawsuit against Derrick Rose last year and the trail is set to start on Oct. 4.

The judge, Michael W. Fizgerald, ruled that the woman could used a pseudonym, which can be used in sexual assault cases, but that Rose’s attorneys could reveal her name to third-parties during discovery.

The judge ruling on Tuesday wasn’t based on the arguments put forward by Rose’s lawyers. In August, Rose’s legal team made the case that by revealing the plaintiff’s name would allow the media to vet her allegations and that she could still be protected by “appropriate restrictions on the media and public access to the proceedings.”

Last week, the accuser did several anonymous interviews with reporters, which also played into the ruling handed down by the judge.

Rose received a boost to his image on Tuesday, before the hearing, from an full-length press realease posted by the National Basketball Players Association. The posting highlighted Rose’s empowerment of “at-risk youth through his community work.” His role of being a father, and his feelings about his new basketball team the New York Knicks along with leaving Chicago. The article didn’t mention the sexual assault claims made against him.

Derrick Rose Couldn't Define Consent in Deposition

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New York Knicks star Derrick Rose couldn't define what the word consent stood for in his deposition, according to the accuser's attorney.

The woman, unknown, alleges that Derrick Rose and two of his friends raped her after breaking into her home. The woman claims that she was propositioned with group sex to which she declined. She goes on to say that Rose and his friends decided to go ahead and have sex with her, even though she said no.

The woman filed a lawsuit against Rose in August of 2015. The trail is set to begin next month on October 4.

Last Thursday during a conference call, her attorney Waukeen McCoy stated "When asked at his deposition Mr. Rose did not have any answer for what consent meant to him."

Sources say that in later effort to expand upon Rose not knowing what "consent" meant, McCoy read from a transcript of the deposition. "I have it right here. The question was, 'Do you have an understanding as to the word consent?' The answer: 'No. but you can tell me? The questioner" 'I just wanted to know if you had an understanding.' The answer: 'No.'"

Iman Shumpert Admits He Cheated On Teyana Taylor With Side Chick

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Earlier this week, a woman came forward claiming Cleveland Cavaliers star Iman Shumpert cheated on his fiancé Teyana Taylor with her [below]. Due to the side chick coming out and providing text messages which backs her claims that the two indeed hooked up, Shumpert had no other choice but to admit to the cheated claims.

According to Shumpert, he put the blame of him cheating on Teyana Taylor mainly on his age and his immaturity. He spoke about the claim on his Instagram account.

"I was young. I was selfish. I've broken hearts and been insensitive to them. I really never cared what the internet said of me until now and it's not because they're antagonizing me... they are not directing hate towards a woman that gives off nothing put positive energy and deserves nothing more than the world that I vow to give her. I normally wouldn't acknowledge this type of thing of thing but you guys win. If you're going to send the hate, direct it at me. Don't make her pay for my mistakes. I'm older now, I'm different now. It's Peace and love. Don't make her pay for my mistakes of my past. "His Story" out now. Word to @Karencivil #post90."

He also went on to drop his new track called, "My Story."

Michael Vick Had Secret Girlfriends, Sex Parties For Years

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Philadelphia Eagles backup quarterback Michael Vick is being exposed by an Atlanta stripper, who claims that her and the NFL star had a steaming 10 year affair.

According to a report, Vick had a "secret girlfriend" while he was the starting quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons. The "secret girlfriend" of more than 10 years describes her time with the NFL star in her tell-all book entitled, "Quarterback Keeper." The woman keeps her identity a secret in the book, as she calls herself "Bella Escritor."

According to the book, the woman and Vick met when she was working at a strip club.

"He said only one word, 'dance,' and that's exactly what I did... Vick appeared to take it all in like a child in a candy store for the very first time," the woman claims in her book. She went on to write that she left the club with Vick and they had sex for the first time at his Atlanta home -- although he was probably in a relationship.

For the next ten years, she claims, they would have countless other hookup -- using flavor condoms when they had sex. Despite that precaution, the woman claims that she was a little nervous in 2010, when a woman sued him after she claimed that Vick gave her herpes.

Apparently, when she confronted Vick about if he was ok [herpes free], he didn't put her mind at ease.

"When I asked him, Vick told me that he didn't know the girl in question. He went on to say that they did have sex more than once, but that he practiced safe sex each time.," the woman wrote in the book.

Due to that, the woman was forced to take a test to make sure she didn't have herpes, which came back negative. In the meantime, it made it difficult for her to dance for customers who had suspected that she was infected with something.

Vick eventually settled with the woman, who accused him of giving him herpes, despite maintaining his innocence.

"He said they had something on him that was much bigger than any herpes story. Therefore, he said that he just decided to let her have [the hush money]."

The "secret girlfriend" goes on to say that she stood by Vick during his dog fighting scandal, two years later.

She also proclaims that she stood by Vick when a reports, back in 2004, said that Vick was "gay", which turned out to be a hoax. She says that she got her conformation when Vick was making faces to a R&B singer in a music video he was watching on TV.

"I started laughing at first, because I knew damn well after being with him sexually for quite some time now that this man seemed gay. I'm like, 'What's wrong? You don't like him?' He says, 'Hell naw.' He said that guy was staring at him all weird and sh*t when he did that music video with a local rapper. He went on to say that he, himself wasn't gay, and he didn't like being stared at by that man ... So that right there to me, solved the mystery of "Vick Gay?"

She claims that Vick seemed to be trying to prove to the world, in some kind of way, that he liked women. She says that on any night, Vick would invited women to his home to have sex with them. Also, he would allow his friends to have sex with the women in his home.

"Once we returned to his house, we would separate and watch the others partake in sex sessions throughout [his] mansion. Vick and I would sometimes crawl on the floors and sneak into people's bedrooms together and watch them having sex," the woman writes.

Their secret love affair came to an end some years later after a woman contacted her. The two had a woman-to-woman talk and text message sessions with each other, as the women described how she assumed her own affair with Vick. She also talked about how she knew about her and Vick's affair. The author of the tell-all book claims that she told Vick's main woman about their affair and decided then and there to end it once and for all.

"I knew it was over for Vick and me the moment I decided to talk woman-to-woman with [his other girl]. Somehow, I felt a sense of relief... It was finally time for me to get back to my life and making myself a priority again," the author wrote.

Dwyane Wade Receiving Special Treatment From League

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Dwayne Wade is getting special treatment from the NBA and Miami Heat as it's being said that no Heat player can make fun of Wade and his baby mama situation. According to TMZ, teammates are refusing to make light of the situation out of respect for Wade.

Apparently there's a pact going on inside the locker room from players to leave the situation out of their conversations.

"It's quiet as a mouse when it comes to the D-Wade situation," the source added.

Another source added that, "The players have way too much respect for Wade 'to make fun of that at all'."

It seems that also across the league, other NBA players are following suit and won't talk about Wade's baby mama situation inside their own locker rooms.

"No one wants to be the guy that's caught talking smack about Dwyane Wade," the source added.

James Harden Pays A Houston Stripper $100,000 To Go Out On A Date

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This isn't the first time Houston Rockets star James Harden has been caught TRYING to buy a woman to show her off as "his girlfriend". Once again, Harden has been caught doing the very same thing, as it's being said that Harden paid a Houston stripper $100,000 to hangout with him for the night.

According to a source, Harden wrote out a check -- for $100,000 -- to a stripper named Maliah Michel. For months, Harden has been hard at work -- DESPERATE -- to get the attention of Michel.  The source says that Harden has given the stripper free tickets to Houston Rockets home games, and has even brought her expensive bottles at the club.

Apparently, the $100k was for her company only, as the two went on a date. It appears that the money didn't include "after hours pleasure" from Michel, but it's being said that if the date went well enough, then Michel could decide rather or not to take things any further.

The source claims that Michel deposit the $100k check before going on the date with Harden.

It appears that onlookers of their date tweeted about seeing the two together [below]. Michel and her friend even took photos together while attending a Houston Rockets home game [Friday night against the New York Knicks.]

Matt Kemp Got Dumped By Khloe Kardashian Cause Of Gift?

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Los Angeles Dodgers star Matt Kemp is a "selfish person", as it's being reported that the REAL REASON why him and Khloe Kardashian broke up was due to the fact that he didn't buy her a gift when he went shopping at a Beverly Hills jewelry store.

Apparently, Matt needed help from Khloe's sister, Kim, to win over Khloe, who had just filed for divorce from Lamar Odom. According to the report, it seems that Kim suggested that Matt needed to go to a jewelry store in Beverly Hills and buy Khloe some serious bling.

Matt took the advice of Kim and went to XIV Karats - the jewelry store Kim had suggested. The source goes on to say that when Matt entered the store, he asked a worker that he needed a gift for "his girl". Afterwards, he spent nearly an hour looking at men's jewelry, heavy chains and watches instead of putting all his focus and time on a gift for Khloe. 

Before he left the store, he finally found a couple of blingy bracelets and placed them on his own wrist to see how they looked, but didn't look to inspired to buy the bracelets.  

The clerk then suggested that Matt go buy a ring, which he quickly responded in, "No!" He then walked back looking for jewelry for himself. 

After an hour of no progress, Matt left the store without having the face of a guy who was "in love."

Dwyane Wade's Newest Baby Momma Is Talking Trash About Dwyane Wade, Wife

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Dwayne Wade's newest baby momma is already going in on the Miami Heat star and his fiancee Gabrielle Union on Twitter.

An alleged Twitter page, belonging to Wade's newest baby momma Aja Metoyer, is going in on Wade and Gabrielle as she makes it know that SHE NOT A BABY MAMA. She proclaims herself to be a, "Proud Mother & Entrepreneur With Several Businesses & Investments."

Metoyer claims that Wade and Union wasn't together because of his cheating and plus because of her drinking. She goes on to say that Wade "appreciated" her.

She then goes in on Union, as she says that she would rather not have a ring then have a ring from someone who is unfaithful.

Metoyer then begins to make fun of Union's ring, as she calls the ring a recycled ring. She ended her Twitter rant by calling Union, "The Real Life Mary Jane... Ha!"

Since then, most of the tweets have been deleted. There's one tweet, however, that is still up on the alleged Twitter account, which states that she didn't do it for the fame [get pregnant with Wade's child.] "My Kids Think I'm Famous Already I'm 'SuperMom' Didn't Do It For The Money I Have Two Degrees From NYU. Any Questions."

After breaking the news, the alleged Twitter account belonging to Aja Metoyer has been deleted.

VIDEO: N.Y. Jets QB Geno Smith Sent NUDE Video To Woman

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Remember the story we posted on Friday, which talked about how New York Jets Geno Smith had unprotected sex with a woman he met on Instagram? Well apparently, he wanted to show off his penis to the woman he had unprotected sex with, which was unimpressive, according to the woman [below].

The woman, 25-year-old Jackie Presley, claims that there wasn't nothing special about Geno Smith.

"I've been involved with two other athletes and they were pros, but Geno Smith there were absolutely no pros. There was nothing but cons because honestly to me... he's rude, he's disrespectful and he's an asshole," Presley said.

She claims that normally she don't regret things, but she regrets even talking with Smith.

In the report, we posted on Friday, we left off how the two hooked up on Christmas Day in New York. Later, after having sex with him, she began to look around on Smith's friend Facebook profile, where she found out that Smith had a girlfriend, something she didn't know about while the two was facetiming each other before hooking up [first] in Charlotte, NC and then again on Christmas Day. Afterwards, the two stop talking to each other Apparently, she says that Smith, during the Christmas Day hookup, showed his true side.

"The last day that I saw him was Christmas Day. And I came to New York, like he asked me to and I went over to his house -- like six o'clock. He lives 50-minutes away in a neighborhood called Hangover, New Jersey. He told me to get a driver and he'll pay the driver. So I got a driver and he paid for it to get there. I spent the night and everything. The next morning I called the driver because it was time for him to workout and the driver was like 'it's going be $100 dollars because there's traffic.' I said to Geno 'it's gonna be $100 dollars.' And he just leaves, doesn't leave the money or anything. It's like he was just like 'I don't care how you get back to New York.' Like he just left me at his house and he went to do what he was gonna do," Presley explained in a radio interview [below].

"So I'm like furious for like two a day or two. What if I didn't have no money. I just felt he disrespected me. Like you told me to come here and that you were paying for something and then when it's time for me to leave you're not paying for something... so like two days later I decided that I'm going off," Presley explained.

In a video, she posted on her Instagram two weeks ago [Christmas week], she's in New York walking on the sidewalk, as she's about to catch a cab or ride to Geno's house. "The driver told me to start walking towards 8th & W 30th street. Nobody told him to move from where I was said park. Got me freezing & out of breath as you can hear lol #NYC Good Morning," Presley wrote for her caption for the video.


Woman Claims Geno Smith Cheated On Girlfriend With Her

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Apparently, a groupie is upset with New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith for allowing him to have sex with her without knowing from the start that he was in a relationship with another women.

According to Baller Alert, who received information about the "cheating" from the groupie, the woman says that she was involved with Geno Smith. She details how she recently found out that Smith had a girlfriend while he was messing around with her.

"He has been flying me out to cities to see him & never told me [he had a girlfriend]. He is an ass h**. He meets women off the internet and tell them to come to whatever city he is in or to his house & he has a damn girlfriend. SMH," the woman explains.

She claims that about a month ago, she logged into her Instagram account where she saw that Smith was following her on the website. She claims that she went and dug into who he was, not realizing that it was Smith, realizing a short time later that it was the N.Y. Jets QB, she followed him, and quickly Smith commented on one of her pictures asking for her number. Smith contacted the woman and for two weeks [on the right], the two communicated via facetime & text, where afterwards he asked her to met him in Charlotte, NC [where he was facing the Carolina Panthers in Week 15].

She says that the two met up at the [most likely the Charlotte Marriott City Center or Charlotte Marriott SouthPark] where they had sex. They continued to talked to each other afterwards and Smith invited her to New York City for Christmas. She took Smith up on his offer and traveled to NYC.

She claims that during all this traveling and texting she was doing to see Smith, NOT ONE TIME did he mentioned that he had a girlfriend.

She goes on to say that after they had sex on Christmas Day, she spent the night at his house. She says that she began to snoop around on his close friend Facebook page, where she found out that he indeed had a girlfriend.

He didn't officially tell her he had a girlfriend until the two had a falling out.

She also makes the explosive claims that Smith had unprotected sex with the woman, and again NEVER MENTIONED HE HAD A GIRLFRIEND NOT ONCE.

She says because of this Smith deleted his Instagram account and even offered her money to keep quiet about the cheating he did behind his actual girlfriend's back.

Geno Smith's actual girlfriend is Kristen Stubbs [left]. The two went to high school together. Stubbs hints that her and Smith are a couple on her Instagram account, as she takes photos of her wearing Jets merchandise and even standing in the N.Y. Jets locker room, but apparently, NOT ONE PHOTO IS TAKEN WITH HER AND SMITH STANDING NEXT TO EACH OTHER.