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Was Ray Rice provoke into hitting his then fiancee Janay?

According to the released security footage, it appears that Janay may have started to whole incident between herself and Rice, an incident which cost Rice his job with the Baltimore Ravens. 

A Youtube video (below at the at the 57:10 mark) has surfaced of a security guard, who used to work at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, as the former guard claims that rapper Kendrick Lamar was investigated for allegedly beating up on a woman inside of a hotel room and leaving her inside the room bloody.

Macon, GA -- Sheriff's deputies in Georgia say they foiled a bizarre smuggling scheme in which two inmates used their dead grandmother's casket to help them smuggle drugs and other contraband back into the jail.

Everett, WA -- The owner of, Java Juggs, a bikini coffee stands in Washington State, has banked more than $2 million in just three years, but according to local prosecutors, the business high profit was due to the business selling sex acts.


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