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EXPOSED: Michael Vick Had Secret Girlfriends, Sex Parties For Years

Philadelphia Eagles backup quarterback Michael Vick is being exposed by an Atlanta stripper, who claims that her and the NFL star had a steaming 10 year affair.

EXPOSED: Andre Johnson Got Security Guard Fired After He Claimed She Was Harassing Him For An Autograph

According to a report, Houston Texans star Andre Johnson got a woman fired from her job, after he claimed that the woman was "harassing" him for an autograph.

Kevin Durant Tweets Photo Of Him Smoking, Claims To Have Been Hacked [PHOTO]

Strange, but Kevin Durant Twitter displayed, for a short time on Friday morning a photo of him smoking. As quickly as the photo went up, the photo was deleted off his account.

Gabrielle Union Pregnant With Dwayne Wade's Child?

Miami Heat star Dwayne Wade is getting women pregnant these days, as a report is claiming that his fiancee Gabrielle Union is pregnant with Dwyane Wade's child.

EXPOSED: N.Y. Jets QB Geno Smith Sent NUDE Video To Woman [PHOTO]

Remember the story we posted on Friday, which talked about how New York Jets Geno Smith had unprotected sex with a woman he met on Instagram? Well apparently, he wanted to show off his penis to the woman he had unprotected sex with, which was unimpressive, according to the woman [below].

The woman, 25-year-old Jackie Presley, claims that there wasn't nothing special about Geno Smith.

Kobe Bryant Tells Fans Not To Vote For Him In NBA All-Star Game

It's probably a sign that the storybook career of Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant is coming to an end, as the 5-time NBA champion is asking his fans not to vote for him in the 2014 NBA All-Star game in New Orleans.

Dwyane Wade Receiving Special Treatment From NBA, Miami Heat Over Baby Mama Scandal

Dwyane Wade is getting special treatment from the NBA and Miami Heat as it's being said that no Heat player can make fun of Wade and his baby mama situation. According to TMZ, teammates are refusing to make light of the situation out of respect for Wade.


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