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VIDEO: Did Ray Rice Wife Spit On Him In Elevator?

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Was Ray Rice provoke into hitting his then fiancee Janay?

According to the released security footage, it appears that Janay may have started to whole incident between herself and Rice, an incident which cost Rice his job with the Baltimore Ravens. 

A source, close to Ray Rice, proclaims that on the night of the incident, Janay had been drinking and acting out to Ray. Apparently, she had been hitting on Rice all night, but he kept his cool. Things reached a boiling point once the two entered into the elevator, as in the video (below) appears to show Janay spitting in the face of Ray. 

The source goes on to say that Ray did not punch Janay (as many of us believe), but simply slapped her which caused her to hit her head against the elevator wall. 

The source then says that it was a reflex and not something he thought about doing.

What many don't realize is that the two were currently working things out and working with a Pastor to get through the incident before the video was released. 

Security Guard: Kendrick Lamar Brutally Beats A Woman

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A Youtube video (below at the at the 57:10 mark) has surfaced of a security guard, who used to work at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, as the former guard claims that rapper Kendrick Lamar was investigated for allegedly beating up on a woman inside of a hotel room and leaving her inside the room bloody.

According to the ex-guard, the police were called and that the victim plans to press charges against Lamar. In the video, the guard never say that she saw Lamar beat up on the victim.

Apparently, on Memorial Day Weekend, the guard got a call to go help a woman get down to the casino floor. When the guard got to the woman, she was covered in blood. The guard immediately called her supervisor, another supervisor, and her boss letting them know that there was a situation happening.

It appears that the guard was able to get the woman to explain what had happen to her, as the victim had been with a rapper, who first name was Kendrick.

In the video, the guard is asked if she means Kendrick Lamar? The guard said yes, "He beat up some chick, [and] there's was like blood everywhere."

Cops were called to the hotel room, but it wasn't until later that the person who was indeed with the victim was truly Kendrick Lamar.

The guard went on to say that the victim ended up pressing charges.

Also, there's proof that Lamar was indeed in Las Vegas on Memorial Day Weekend, as he was apart of a star-studded musical lineup, which included Nicki Minaj, Big Sean, Iggy Azalea and others presenting by The Light Group.

Also, Lamar was hosted a party at the Haze Nightclub at the ARIA Resort & Casino on May 24th.

Two Georgia Inmates Use Dead Grandmother's Casket To Smuggle Drugs Into Jail

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Macon, GA -- Sheriff's deputies in Georgia say they foiled a bizarre smuggling scheme in which two inmates used their dead grandmother's casket to help them smuggle drugs and other contraband back into the jail.

Police: Wash. State Coffee Stands Busted For Prostitution

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Everett, WA -- The owner of, Java Juggs, a bikini coffee stands in Washington State, has banked more than $2 million in just three years, but according to local prosecutors, the business high profit was due to the business selling sex acts.


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