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Chad Johnson Is Lying About Being Financially Broke

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Chad Johnson claims that he's financially broke, but apparently it's not stopping him from hitting strip clubs and making it rain on strippers in Miami.

During the Memorial Day holiday, Johnson and his homeless friend, named "Porkchop" made a trip to the King of Diamonds strip club. Johnson posted their adventure on his Twitter account, where he took two photos of his friend dancing with strippers and sitting down with money falling out of his pockets.

According to a source, Porkchop and Johnson threw money around at the strippers. The source went on to say that the amount of money Porkchop had falling out of his pockets [below] total to around $1,000, as all of the money came from Johnson. 

Johnson recently claimed to a judge that he couldn't afford the $5,420 per month child support payments, which goes to one of Johnson's baby mama's. He told the judge the reason that he couldn't pay the amount was due to him not making the same amount of money he used to make when he was playing football [before his career went down in flames]. 

In 2012, Johnson submitted documents to the court that he was making $66,000 per month, but that was before he got released from the Miami Dolphins in August 2012 after he was arrested for head-butting his ex-wife Evelyn Lozada. His endorsement deals were terminated as a results of the alleged domestic violence assault. 

However, with Johnson out at strip clubs, it looks as if he cleared up the probation violation dispute with authorities in Florida. 


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