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Chad Johnson Plans On Leaving Country While Being A Wanted Man

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Someone needs to send Chad Johnson this report, because according to law... YOU CAN'T LEAVE THE COUNTRY WHILE STILL ON PROBATION.

According to Johnson's Twitter account [below], he's planning on leaving the United States for the Dominican Republic for the Memorial Day holiday, which is next weekend. Also, keep in mind that a warrant for Johnson's arrest went out, on May 7, which Johnson hasn't responded too.

The warrant stems from the domestic violence involving him and his ex-wife Evelyn Lozada last August.

According to the Broward County District Attorney's Office, Johnson failed to report to his probation officer -- a violation of the terms of his probation -- and on May 7 the warrant for his arrest was issued for his arrest. Johnson also failed to show proof of enrollment and completion of the "Batterers Intervention Program."

As of Sunday night, it's unknown if Johnson has surrendered himself to cops, but his last known location was in Pasadena, CA, which he posted on his Twitter account on May 16.

Once Johnson is in police custody -- a hearing will be set to determine whether Johnson did in fact violate his probation. If he did indeed violate his probation, then he could do jail time.

Either way it goes, if Johnson tries to leave the United States for his vacation trip next weekend, and his probation officer calls him and discovers he's out of the country, Johnson will become a fugitive of justice.

The only way Johnson can leave the country is if it's a family emergency, something we all know is not the case with Johnson. It's also unlikely the courts won't grant Johnson's request to the leave the country since he's still a warrant man and hasn't turned himself in.

Chad Johnson was arrested in Florida on Monday. According to reports, a Broward County judge determined that Johnson violated his probation. Johnson is facing jail time.