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Mario Williams Sent Suicidal Text Messages To Ex-Fiancee

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Buffalo Bills star Mario Williams ex-fiancee Erin Marzouki has taken the dirty road in their break-up, as it's being reported that Marzouki has released text messages which shows that Williams is very suicidal.

According to Pro Football Talk, Williams, Marzouki, and their attorneys met for three hours to come up with a fair resolution over the $785K engagement ring, but failed as the two couldn't figure anything out. Marzouki later went on to release some text messages from Williams. 

"I took 3 hydrocodones this morning and no one knows," Williams allegedly sent Marzouki. "I'm going to take 2 more on the plane and fade away." Williams also allegedly said: "No money in the world should leave me with suicidal thoughts."

Marzouki says she doesn't have any plans on selling the $785,000 engagement ring Williams gave to her last year. She also says that she'll lock the ring inside of a safe. 


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