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According to a report from the Miami Herald, a unknown Miami Heat player is cheating on their significant other.

The newspaper claims that a very taken Miami Heat star is having an affair with someone who lives in the Kings Cole condo in North Beach. The source says that the player is seen at the condo every night around midnight after every home game. According to security, this player has repeatedly shown up at midnight and after asking for a woman's apartment.

The source went on to say that his girlfriend [whoever she is] shouldn't be shocked considering that not too long ago she was the one with whom her beloved baller was sneaking around with.

It can only point to one person.... Mr. Dwyane Wade, who cheated on his ex-wife with current girlfriend Gabrielle Union.

Could the Miami Herald be talking about the story The Juicy Online posted over the weekend, which exposed Dwyane Wade giving tickets to a woman who he's been seeing behind his girlfriend [Gabrielle Union] back?

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