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New York Knicks JR Smith Has A Drug Addiction

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We saw a crumble in the performance of New York Knicks "6th man" JR Smith during the 2013 NBA postseason. According to sources, who spoke with The Juicy Online, we may now understand why his performance tanked during the playoffs, as it's being said that Smith developed a drug habit.

Although an report, in early May, showed Smith partying hard in a New York nightclub with singer/girlfriend Rihanna during the playoffs, two sources are coming forward claiming that Smith is also using coke, claiming that Smith is hooked to the stuff.

"My source is the connect for his coke dealer uptown and JR is cooping $1,200 worth of blow every two, three days when in town. Personal use... Dude was sick from it," the source claims.

The NBA, during the regular season, gives four drug test to its players. Most NBA players are giving the heads up when a drug test is coming their way. If JR is indeed hooked on coke, then the reality is that the coke would be present in his system for 72 hours [3 days] before fading away.


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