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Chad Johnson Claims His Expenses Outpace His Income By $45,000 A Month

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In newly filed court documents, Chad Johnson claims that he only makes $3,000/month, which is a far cry from the millions he used to make as a wide receiver with the Cincinnati Bengals a few years ago.

According to a report, Johnson's expenses outpace the income coming in, which has been calculated to the tune of $45,982.76 per month.

Johnson has been in a battle with his baby mamas in an effort to get his child support payments lowered, as he's not making the same amount of money when he had his kids, along with the fact that he's unemployed.

In documents filed in April, Johnson claims he only makes $3,000/month, but that low amount disappears thanks to the $16,525 he already pays in child support.

Also, you have to look at what Johnson has to pay per month, which includes a $9,063.24 in mortgage payments, $2,000 in food, $2,650 on his car expenses, $3,500 on clothing, $250 for grooming, $5,000 in entertainment, $1,000 in pet expenses along with other various expenses that totals $31,154.76.

Add all of it up, and Johnson is in the negative range of $45,982.76/month.

There's a bright light to the story though, as Johnson has two bank accounts, two cars, two houses, that puts his total assets to $4,720,672.57