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Aaron Hernandez Accomplice Being Threaten By People From Their Old Neighborhood

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According to a man, Jose "Ito" Torres, who is the cousin of Carlos Ortiz, Ortiz is being labeled as a "rat" for telling police what really happen on the night of June 17, the night, according to Ortiz, Hernandez shot and killed Odin Lloyd, according to a report from USA Today.

Ortiz, who appears to be the prosecution's star witness in the murder case against former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez, has had his membership revoked in the DooWops, the nickname for the Davis Drive family - the name of the street which Ortiz grew up on. 

It's being suggested that if Ortiz is granted immunity to help prosecutors convict Hernandez of the execution-style murder of Odin Lloyd, Ortiz shouldn't return to his old neighborhood when and if he's a free man again, according to Torres:

He can come back here, but if you come back to the streets where everybody thinks you're hard but you've been snitching.

Torres voice trails off. He didn't want to say the words.

Torres went on to explain the reason why most in the Davis Drive community, in Bristol, MA, feel that Ortiz is a snitch, is because of the fact that Hernandez came from nothing, living in section 8, who became a $40 million NFL superstar, as not many people in Bristol make it out and become something famous.

Affidavits used for search warrants in Florida and Massachusetts, indicate that Ortiz told police investigators what he knows about the June 17th murder of Odin Lloyd. According to police documents, he told police that Ernest Wallace, the man allegedly in the car the night when Lloyd was shot and killed, told him that Hernandez fired off the shot that killed Lloyd.

Ortiz also told investigators about an apartments, which belonged to Hernandez in Franklin, MA, where police found clothing that might have been worn by the ex-NFL star the night of the murder.


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