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Aaron Hernandez's Uncle Dies In A Moped Crash [PICS]

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Aaron Hernandez has taken another hit in his life, as it's being reported that his uncle, Robert Valentine, died at 1 a.m. Saturday morning in a moped accident [below] in Bristol, CT. Valentine was announced dead at the scene from a head injury after striking a curb, and then striking his head after a vehicle was thrown into a private drive.

The crash is still under investigation.

Hernandez's uncle lived 2.5 miles away from Pine Lake in Bristol, the lake where teams have been searching for the suspected murder weapon after apparently getting a tip. Police also searched Valentine's home 2 months ago, and impounded a vehicle suspected to be involved in a previous July 2012 double murder.   

This is the second person associated with Hernandez to die in a motor vehicle crash since his arrest. On June 30th, Thaddeus Singleton died in a single car accident, in a vehicle registered to a different uncle, Andres Valderrama. Authorities are seeking to question him at the time. 


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