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No one has seen Lamar Odom in 72 hours, 3 days ago, after the Kardashians tried to stage an intervention to get Lamar some much needed help to battle his apparent cocaine addiction. Although the Kardashians haven't been able to contact the free-agent NBA star, it's being said that Lamar could be hiding out in Florida with one of his jumpoffs.

According to a report, for six weeks, Lamar had an affair with a criminal defense attorney named Polina Polonsky [below], who is known for being a attention-getter. Also, Polonsky has something in common with Lamar, as she's a sloppy cocaine addict.

It appears that after the NBA season was over with, the two began their six week relationship together and that during that time Polina reintroduced cocaine to Lamar. Keep in mind that Lamar, last year, entered into rehab over his crack-addiction.

Source connected to Polonsky say that Lawyer, who lives in Florida, has always wanted to be in the sports industry.

It also appears that Kris Jenner knew about Polina Polonsky's drug use, which could explain why Kris and the rest of the Kardashian clan staged a failed intervention for Lamar, an attempt to put Lamar in check.

As reported, last Wednesday, Khloe Kardashian threw Lamar out their home, after it's said Lamar refused the Kardashians' intervention attempt.

It's believed that he's left Los Angeles for Polonsky's home in Florida, where's he's hiding out from the media and his shameful addiction.

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