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Kevin Garnett Paying A Woman $10K To Have Sex With [PICS]

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While his wife, Brandi Padila, is in New York, taking care of their two kids, Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Garnett is paying a Toronto woman money for fun time.

The word is that Garnett flew out to Toronto so he could be the first NBA player to score with a woman, Mona Halem, before other NBA players flew into the city to "hang" with Halem during the Caribana Festival. According to sources, Garnett is paying up to $10,000 on Mona Halem to have sex with her. The two was spotted [left] at Sobey's, a Toronto grocery store, on Wednesday. 

Halem is well-known in Toronto for being a party event planner, with her company Lady Luck Entertainment, which mostly host parties featuring NBA players.

Halem has also met up with Chris Bosh, Steve Nash, Antawn Jamison, Tracy McGrady, but according to her they're "just friends."


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