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It appears that Khloe Kardashian has already met up with Lamar Odom's mistress, according to the Aug. 5th edition of Life & Style magazine. The two met up on January 19th at a Los Angeles Clippers game where Khloe confronted the woman, Jennifer Richardson, who was even then talking about her affair with Lamar.

The report goes on to say that Khloe went off on Jennifer asking her why she was even at the game and demanding that she leave the Staples Center and stop following her husband. Jennifer was startled by Khloe's words but Lamar was even more freaked out by the confrontation. 

It appears this was the reason why Lamar put Jennifer on the back burnered until the whole thing died down, which took several months, which angered Jennifer and caused her to end her relationship with Lamar. 
However, Khloe isn't believing a word that Jennifer is saying about the affair she had with Lamar, as sources are claiming that she has decided to blindly trust Lamar again. 

Khloe is so desperate to repair things that she's even willing to give up her reality television career to appease Lamar, who absolutely hates that business. 


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