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PROOF Kevin Garnett Had Sex With Lebron James Mother [PHOTO]

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Now we're understanding why the Miami Heat had such a tough time getting through the Eastern Conference Finals against the Indiana Pacers, as it appears Lebron wasn't focus on the basketball court, but on his mother Gloria.

According to a snap shot photo [below], Lebron James was engaged in a text message with someone. At some point during the first quarter of the Game 6 match-up with the Indiana Pacers, a game the Heat loss 77 to 91. 

Someone text Lebron and commented on how he was playing during the first quarter: 

N*gga u playing like a b*tch. You got a n*gga that look like Petey pablo checking you. Do his ass. 

Lebron then responded to the [unknown] person:

U know Ima wait on the 2nd half plus my Momma at the game I'm tryna make sure she ain't f*cking Garnett

It's unknown how many times Garnett and Gloria James slept together, but it appears that Lebron knows she did something with the former Boston Celtics (now newly signed Brooklyn Nets) star.

After the match-up, Lebron James gave a fake explanation on why his head wasn't on the basketball game:

It was a total domination by the Pacers in the third, they uh, ya know ... they made a lot of shots ... we didn't get too many stops ... and we missed some very, very easy shots. 


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