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Lamar Odom Once Again Smoking Crack With Two Other Women

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Nothing isn't going to stop Lamar Odom and his addiction to crack, as he's back smoking crack, according to TMZ. Sources are claiming that Odom is hiding out inside a private home in a gated-community 100 miles from Los Angeles, as he's partying and smoking crack with two women inside the home.

Apparently, Odom has a driver who is driving him from Los Angeles to the private home with one purpose -- scoring drugs, including crack.

Odom has also become paranoid... due to the media coverage surrounding him and his drug habits, as he's insisting the driver only buy small amounts of crack at a time, so as not to draw too much attention to him.

It seems that Odom never leaves the home, as his life now revolves around smoking crack, partying with the two women -- who are all in their early 20's -- and listening to rap music.

According to a source, Odom believes that people -- not the two ladies staying at the private house -- are watching his every move.

He his so paranoid that he's using a phone app which allows him to text other people, but once the text messages are read, they're automatically deleted. The text app also allows Odom to see if the text message are screenshot by the person.

Odom has lived in three different locations in the past two months, mainly because he believes that if he keeps moving from spot to spot, then he won't get caught using drugs.

He also claims that his wife Khloe Kardashian won't leave him, because she loves him and has stood by him throughout the entire drug saga, so he feels that she won't leave now.


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