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Lamar Odom road to redemption story is getting better with each passing day, as a source has confirmed that the free agent will once again be playing for the Los Angeles Clippers.

The source, who talked to US Weekly, detailed how Lamar has already had meetings with the Clippers and has already meet with a few players on the team. On Friday [November 15] Lamar met with members of the Clippers management for two hours.

"It was the best deal and he's happy to go back," the insider said to US Weekly. Another source added, "Lamar is training and in good shape."

Lamar had also been drawing interest from the Los Angeles Lakers, his former team, but it appears he impressed the Clippers overwhelmly.

In recent months, Lamar has been struggling with substance abuse, which the Clippers are reportedly NOT worried about [him falling back into his old ways]. A source added that, "If he [Lamar] stays mentally focused he can help [to] win games."

Also, it appears that Lamar and Khloe are working things out with their marriage. Khloe even invited him to her mother's [Kris Jenner] birthday party on Nov. 6, which he reportedly had a good time.

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