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Police May Have Covered Up Jameis Winston Sexual Assault Allegations

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According to evidence, Tallahassee Police may have covered up sexual assault allegations which targeted Florida State's superstar QB Jameis Winston.

According to a report, the Florida State Attorney's office didn't even know about the alleged sexually assualt allegeations, until a report was published [JUST THIS PAST WEEK], which had people wondering why they was just now hearing about the alleged sexual allegations.

Sources within the Florida State Attorney's office say that it's unusual cops wouldn't have filed the [sexual assault allegations], which was brought up against Winston's back in 2012, until this week. The sources went on to say that cops should had notified them when the investigation was completed, and Winston's lawyer reportedly says that cops told him the investigation had been completed... back in February.

The sources say the timing of getting notified about the case months after it supposedly was closed is suspicious.

Here's the real reason why the investigation is being looked at as a cover up, as it's being said that if Jameis Winston had been CHARGED with a felony sexual assault then under Florida State University rules, Winston would have been BENCHED.

With Winston being benched, the team's national championship and his Heisman Trophy hopes would've been killed instantly.