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New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski was caught making fun of an Asian Patriots fan Sunday night, as he was filmed calling the fan "Leslie Chow" and joking about fried rice.

On Sunday, Gronk was hosting a Q&A event with fans in Foxborough, MA at Bar Louie Restaurant when people began to dance, including an Asian man sporting a Gronkowski jersey. Gronk then acted surprised and said on the microphone, "They told me he could only cook fried rice!" Gronk then went on to call the fan "Leslie Chow" -- Ken Jeong's character from "The Hangover."

The video goes on to show at least one person showing outrage over Gronk's jokes towards the Asian fan, because right after Gronk made the Leslie Chow joke, the person immediately grabbed the mic away from him and reminded the gather crowd that they had signed waivers agreeing to hand over ALL cell phone footage of the event, which including Gronkowski bad taste jokes.

Unknown if Gronk was REALLY joking or serious about his comments towards the fan, but one thing is for sure, the footage of the invite made it's way out the bar.


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