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Michael Vick Had Secret Girlfriends, Sex Parties For Years

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Philadelphia Eagles backup quarterback Michael Vick is being exposed by an Atlanta stripper, who claims that her and the NFL star had a steaming 10 year affair.

According to a report, Vick had a "secret girlfriend" while he was the starting quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons. The "secret girlfriend" of more than 10 years describes her time with the NFL star in her tell-all book entitled, "Quarterback Keeper." The woman keeps her identity a secret in the book, as she calls herself "Bella Escritor."

According to the book, the woman and Vick met when she was working at a strip club.

"He said only one word, 'dance,' and that's exactly what I did... Vick appeared to take it all in like a child in a candy store for the very first time," the woman claims in her book. She went on to write that she left the club with Vick and they had sex for the first time at his Atlanta home -- although he was probably in a relationship.

For the next ten years, she claims, they would have countless other hookup -- using flavor condoms when they had sex. Despite that precaution, the woman claims that she was a little nervous in 2010, when a woman sued him after she claimed that Vick gave her herpes.

Apparently, when she confronted Vick about if he was ok [herpes free], he didn't put her mind at ease.

"When I asked him, Vick told me that he didn't know the girl in question. He went on to say that they did have sex more than once, but that he practiced safe sex each time.," the woman wrote in the book.

Due to that, the woman was forced to take a test to make sure she didn't have herpes, which came back negative. In the meantime, it made it difficult for her to dance for customers who had suspected that she was infected with something.

Vick eventually settled with the woman, who accused him of giving him herpes, despite maintaining his innocence.

"He said they had something on him that was much bigger than any herpes story. Therefore, he said that he just decided to let her have [the hush money]."

The "secret girlfriend" goes on to say that she stood by Vick during his dog fighting scandal, two years later.

She also proclaims that she stood by Vick when a reports, back in 2004, said that Vick was "gay", which turned out to be a hoax. She says that she got her conformation when Vick was making faces to a R&B singer in a music video he was watching on TV.

"I started laughing at first, because I knew damn well after being with him sexually for quite some time now that this man seemed gay. I'm like, 'What's wrong? You don't like him?' He says, 'Hell naw.' He said that guy was staring at him all weird and sh*t when he did that music video with a local rapper. He went on to say that he, himself wasn't gay, and he didn't like being stared at by that man ... So that right there to me, solved the mystery of "Vick Gay?"

She claims that Vick seemed to be trying to prove to the world, in some kind of way, that he liked women. She says that on any night, Vick would invited women to his home to have sex with them. Also, he would allow his friends to have sex with the women in his home.

"Once we returned to his house, we would separate and watch the others partake in sex sessions throughout [his] mansion. Vick and I would sometimes crawl on the floors and sneak into people's bedrooms together and watch them having sex," the woman writes.

Their secret love affair came to an end some years later after a woman contacted her. The two had a woman-to-woman talk and text message sessions with each other, as the women described how she assumed her own affair with Vick. She also talked about how she knew about her and Vick's affair. The author of the tell-all book claims that she told Vick's main woman about their affair and decided then and there to end it once and for all.

"I knew it was over for Vick and me the moment I decided to talk woman-to-woman with [his other girl]. Somehow, I felt a sense of relief... It was finally time for me to get back to my life and making myself a priority again," the author wrote.


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