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N.Y. Jets QB Geno Smith Sent NUDE Video To Woman [PHOTO]

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Remember the story we posted on Friday, which talked about how New York Jets Geno Smith had unprotected sex with a woman he met on Instagram? Well apparently, he wanted to show off his penis to the woman he had unprotected sex with, which was unimpressive, according to the woman [below].

The woman, 25-year-old Jackie Presley, claims that there wasn't nothing special about Geno Smith.

"I've been involved with two other athletes and they were pros, but Geno Smith there were absolutely no pros. There was nothing but cons because honestly to me... he's rude, he's disrespectful and he's an asshole," Presley said.

She claims that normally she don't regret things, but she regrets even talking with Smith.

In the report, we posted on Friday, we left off how the two hooked up on Christmas Day in New York. Later, after having sex with him, she began to look around on Smith's friend Facebook profile, where she found out that Smith had a girlfriend, something she didn't know about while the two was facetiming each other before hooking up [first] in Charlotte, NC and then again on Christmas Day. Afterwards, the two stop talking to each other Apparently, she says that Smith, during the Christmas Day hookup, showed his true side.

"The last day that I saw him was Christmas Day. And I came to New York, like he asked me to and I went over to his house -- like six o'clock. He lives 50-minutes away in a neighborhood called Hangover, New Jersey. He told me to get a driver and he'll pay the driver. So I got a driver and he paid for it to get there. I spent the night and everything. The next morning I called the driver because it was time for him to workout and the driver was like 'it's going be $100 dollars because there's traffic.' I said to Geno 'it's gonna be $100 dollars.' And he just leaves, doesn't leave the money or anything. It's like he was just like 'I don't care how you get back to New York.' Like he just left me at his house and he went to do what he was gonna do," Presley explained in a radio interview [below].

"So I'm like furious for like two a day or two. What if I didn't have no money. I just felt he disrespected me. Like you told me to come here and that you were paying for something and then when it's time for me to leave you're not paying for something... so like two days later I decided that I'm going off," Presley explained.

In a video, she posted on her Instagram two weeks ago [Christmas week], she's in New York walking on the sidewalk, as she's about to catch a cab or ride to Geno's house. "The driver told me to start walking towards 8th & W 30th street. Nobody told him to move from where I was said park. Got me freezing & out of breath as you can hear lol #NYC Good Morning," Presley wrote for her caption for the video.



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