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EXPOSED: Woman Claims Geno Smith Had Unprotected Sex With Her, Cheated On Girlfriend

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Apparently, a groupie is upset with New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith for allowing him to have sex with her without knowing from the start that he was in a relationship with another women.

According to Baller Alert, who received information about the "cheating" from the groupie, the woman says that she was involved with Geno Smith. She details how she recently found out that Smith had a girlfriend while he was messing around with her.

"He has been flying me out to cities to see him & never told me [he had a girlfriend]. He is an ass h**. He meets women off the internet and tell them to come to whatever city he is in or to his house & he has a damn girlfriend. SMH," the woman explains.

She claims that about a month ago, she logged into her Instagram account where she saw that Smith was following her on the website. She claims that she went and dug into who he was, not realizing that it was Smith, realizing a short time later that it was the N.Y. Jets QB, she followed him, and quickly Smith commented on one of her pictures asking for her number. Smith contacted the woman and for two weeks [on the right], the two communicated via facetime & text, where afterwards he asked her to met him in Charlotte, NC [where he was facing the Carolina Panthers in Week 15].

She says that the two met up at the [most likely the Charlotte Marriott City Center or Charlotte Marriott SouthPark] where they had sex. They continued to talked to each other afterwards and Smith invited her to New York City for Christmas. She took Smith up on his offer and traveled to NYC.

She claims that during all this traveling and texting she was doing to see Smith, NOT ONE TIME did he mentioned that he had a girlfriend.

She goes on to say that after they had sex on Christmas Day, she spent the night at his house. She says that she began to snoop around on his close friend Facebook page, where she found out that he indeed had a girlfriend.

He didn't officially tell her he had a girlfriend until the two had a falling out.

She also makes the explosive claims that Smith had unprotected sex with the woman, and again NEVER MENTIONED HE HAD A GIRLFRIEND NOT ONCE.

She says because of this Smith deleted his Instagram account and even offered her money to keep quiet about the cheating he did behind his actual girlfriend's back.

Geno Smith's actual girlfriend is Kristen Stubbs [left]. The two went to high school together. Stubbs hints that her and Smith are a couple on her Instagram account, as she takes photos of her wearing Jets merchandise and even standing in the N.Y. Jets locker room, but apparently, NOT ONE PHOTO IS TAKEN WITH HER AND SMITH STANDING NEXT TO EACH OTHER.


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