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James Harden Pays A Houston Stripper $100,000 To Go Out On A Date

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This isn't the first time Houston Rockets star James Harden has been caught TRYING to buy a woman to show her off as "his girlfriend". Once again, Harden has been caught doing the very same thing, as it's being said that Harden paid a Houston stripper $100,000 to hangout with him for the night.

According to a source, Harden wrote out a check -- for $100,000 -- to a stripper named Maliah Michel. For months, Harden has been hard at work -- DESPERATE -- to get the attention of Michel.  The source says that Harden has given the stripper free tickets to Houston Rockets home games, and has even brought her expensive bottles at the club.

Apparently, the $100k was for her company only, as the two went on a date. It appears that the money didn't include "after hours pleasure" from Michel, but it's being said that if the date went well enough, then Michel could decide rather or not to take things any further.

The source claims that Michel deposit the $100k check before going on the date with Harden.

It appears that onlookers of their date tweeted about seeing the two together [below]. Michel and her friend even took photos together while attending a Houston Rockets home game [Friday night against the New York Knicks.]